About Emma's Closet

As a graphic designer and visual communications specialist, my love for hand-made things, has led me to starting Emma’s Closet. 

I have always been good at making things with my hands and as an avid knitter, in recent years, I have not been able to find really pretty and unique buttons for my beautiful hand-knitted baby clothes.

I decided to make my own buttons using polymer clay. There are no limitations as to what I can design using polymer clay. I have made so many beautiful buttons, I decided to share them with other avid creators of all things home-made and have made them available in Emma’s Closet Store. I also make the most stunning Rosaries and Esoteric Jewellery.  Every bead is individually made and carefully assembled by hand, which makes all the rosaries and jewellery that I make completely individual and unique.  Being handmade, there will never be another design exactly the same.  

About Me